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Blood Supply IssuesJuly 10, 2024presentation
Colorado Whole Blood CoalitionJuly 10, 2024presentation
Leukoreduction of Whole BloodJuly 10, 2024presentation
Donor Recruitment and LogisticsJuly 10, 2024presentation
Use of Whole Blood in HospitalsJuly 10, 2024presentation
Lessons Learned From The Whole Blood Academy (Click Read Only)July 10, 2024presentation
Walking Blood Bank – A Strategic Blood Reserve?July 10, 2024presentation
Uses for Whole Blood in Pediatrics and Non-Trauma CasesJuly 10, 2024presentation
How to Build a Pre-Hospital Transfusion ProgramJuly 10, 2024presentation
Dried and Frozen Blood ProductsJuly 10, 2024presentation
Regional Heat Stroke GuidelinesMay 30, 2024guideline
Narcan Administration Guidelines for LEMay 30, 2024guideline
SAIF Cardiogenic Shock ProjectMay 29, 2024white-paper
Stroke Program Manager ManualMay 9, 2024manual
Anticoagulation for PE AlgorithmMarch 26, 2024algorithms
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Anticoagulation for PEMarch 26, 2024guideline
Community Stroke Support GroupsJanuary 24, 2024quick-reference
OHCA GuideJanuary 1, 2024infographic
RICO Member ApplicationJanuary 1, 2024applications
Injury Prevention Observances – 2024January 1, 2024schedule
Regional Early Heart Attack Care (Spanish)December 21, 2023quick-reference
Regional Early Heart Attack Care (English)December 21, 2023quick-reference
Maternal Survey Planning HandoutNovember 2, 2023presentation
Perinatal QAPI OverviewNovember 2, 2023presentation
Hospital Selection GuideOctober 1, 2023quick-reference
Decon Algorithm for HospitalsSeptember 15, 2023decon
Radio Check ProceduresSeptember 15, 2023radio-communication
General Radio Communication TechniquesSeptember 15, 2023radio-communication
Road Rules for Kids | NemoursSeptember 15, 2023road-safety
Prevent Heatstroke | Safe Kids WorldwideSeptember 15, 2023heat-safety
Sepsis Alert ProtocolSeptember 1, 2023guideline
Regional MCI AlarmSeptember 1, 2023algorithms
PI Case Review FormSeptember 1, 2023form
Injury Prevention InfographicsAugust 29, 2023infographic
Falls and Fall Prevention | National Institute on AgingAugust 29, 2023fall-prevention
Guide to Community-Based Fall Prevention Program | CDCAugust 28, 2023fall-prevention
Fall Prevention: Simple Tips | Mayo ClinicAugust 28, 2023fall-prevention
Learning Center – Concussion | NFHSAugust 28, 2023concussion-awareness
Heads Up Program | CDCAugust 28, 2023concussion-awareness
Responding to a Concussion for Coaches | CDCAugust 28, 2023concussion-awareness
What is a Concussion? | CDCAugust 28, 2023concussion-awareness
Gun Safety | University HealthAugust 28, 2023firearm-injury-prevention
Be Smart | Be Smart for KidsAugust 28, 2023firearm-injury-prevention
Poison Prevention for Teens | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 28, 2023poison-prevention
Poison Prevention Tips | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 28, 2023poison-prevention
Poison | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 28, 2023poison-prevention
Basic Ladder Safety | American Ladder InstituteAugust 28, 2023holiday-safety
Pedestrian Safety | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 28, 2023road-safety
Click It or Ticket TexasAugust 28, 2023road-safety
Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Template | Otto KaiserAugust 28, 2023algorithms
Safe Sleep Materials | DFPSAugust 28, 2023quick-reference
Decon Abilities Assessment for HospitalsAugust 17, 2023decon
American Trauma Society CoursesAugust 17, 2023education
Center for Emergency Health SciencesAugust 17, 2023education
ENA University Course SearchAugust 17, 2023education
Air Evac Lifeteam CoursesAugust 17, 2023education
Rural Trauma Team Development CourseAugust 17, 2023education
TCRN InformationAugust 17, 2023quick-reference
DSHS Grand RoundsAugust 17, 2023quick-reference
COVID-19 Treatment GuidelinesAugust 17, 2023guideline
Clinical Management of Adults with COVID-19August 17, 2023guideline
Signage: Stop the Spread of GermsAugust 17, 2023signage
See Something, Say SomethingAugust 17, 2023quick-reference
Emergency Management InstituteAugust 17, 2023quick-reference
Regional Heat-Related MCI ResponseAugust 16, 2023quick-reference
FEMA ICS OverviewAugust 15, 2023education
Critical Infrastructure SecurityAugust 15, 2023quick-reference
Parent’s Water Safety Booklet – English/SpanishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety Checklist – SpanishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety Checklist – EnglishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety FactsAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Know What 2 DoAugust 8, 2023quick-reference
Run. Hide. Fight.August 8, 2023video
Extreme Heat | CDCAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Heat Safety Training Program | OSHAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Learning Center | NFSHSAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Heatstroke | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Car Seat Fitting Station Locations | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023road-safety
MADD | Mothers Against Drunk DrivingAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Where’s baby? | NHTSAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
No Heat StrokeAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Water Safety | CDCAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Healthy Swimming | CDCAugust 8, 2023water-safety
National Safe Boating CampaignAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Kids’ Corner for Water Safety | Pool SafelyAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Safe Riders | Texas DSHSAugust 8, 2023road-safety
National Water Safety Program | USACEAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Water Safety | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023water-safety
National Water Safety Month | PHTAAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Water Watcher Card | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Water Safety | TeensHealthAugust 8, 2023water-safety
The Ultimate Swimming Safety Guide | TripBuzzAugust 8, 2023water-safety
It Can Wait | AT&TAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Distracted Driving | NHTSAAugust 8, 2023road-safety
“But…I’m in the Backseat…” | NSCAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Child Passenger Safety | CDCAugust 8, 2023road-safety
The Ultimate Car Seat Guide | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Pet Passenger Safety | Rover.comAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Pedestrian Safety | NHTSAAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Vision Zero | City of San AntonioAugust 8, 2023road-safety
Halloween Safety Tips | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023holiday-safety
Regional Head Injury CPGAugust 4, 2023algorithms
EMTF 8 Region (TSA-P & TSA-S)August 4, 2023map
Effects of Rural Trauma Team Development CourseAugust 4, 2023study
Pulse Character Validation by EMSAugust 4, 2023study
RICO Memorandum of UnderstandingAugust 1, 2023mou
MEDCOM Transfer FormJuly 25, 2023form
Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients With COVID-19July 21, 2023guideline
Decon Site SelectionJuly 20, 2023decon
Radiological Monitor Alarm AlgorithmJuly 20, 2023algorithms
STCC White PaperJune 19, 2023quick-reference
STCC Partner OrganizationsJune 19, 2023quick-reference
Integrated System of CareJune 16, 2023quick-reference
EMResource Instructions for MCI Bed CountsMay 15, 2023quick-reference
Regional Transfer PacketMarch 30, 2023quick-reference
Child Maltreatment GuidelinesMarch 15, 2023guideline
STEMI Management Guidelines (Lytic Map)March 1, 2023map
MCI Trailer InventoryFebruary 13, 2023spreadsheet
Transfusion-related cost comparison of trauma patients receiving whole blood versus component therapy.February 11, 2023publication
Decon First Receiver TrainingJanuary 20, 2023decon
Outpatient Strategies for COVID-19 InfectionJanuary 4, 2023guideline
Stroke Alert CriteriaJanuary 3, 2023quick-reference
SB8 Fillable ApplicationJanuary 1, 2023applications
EMS Infectious Disease PlaybookJanuary 1, 2023guideline
DSHS Senate Bill 8 FAQJanuary 1, 2023faq
Regional PERT Algorithm, January 1, 2023algorithms guideline
Regional Guidelines for Sexual Assault Discharge and ReferralDecember 14, 2022guideline
STRAC RAPIDO Information CardOctober 13, 2022quick-reference
STRAC RAPIDO PlacardOctober 13, 2022quick-reference
Regional Blood and Body Fluids Exposure PacketOctober 1, 2022quick-reference
Use of Cold-Stored Whole Blood is Associated With Improved Mortality in Hemostatic Resuscitation of Major Bleeding: A Multicenter Study.October 1, 2022publication
Test DocumentAugust 10, 2022
Field Apps TestAugust 10, 2022
Water Connection and SurveyAugust 2, 2022quick-reference
Appendix C: Pediatric Patient Application for STRAC Hospital and ICU Pandemic Crisis GuidelinesMay 12, 2022guideline
Impact of Incorporating Whole Blood into Hemorrhagic Shock Resuscitation: Analysis of 1,377 Consecutive Trauma Patients Receiving Emergency-Release Uncrossmatched Blood Products.April 1, 2022publication
Resuscitation with blood products in patients with trauma-related haemorrhagic shock receiving prehospital care (RePHILL): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 3 trial.March 7, 2022publication
Neurological Assessment ToolMarch 1, 2022form
Regional Burn Transfer and EMS Scene Transport AlgorithmFebruary 21, 2022algorithms
Regional Stroke Transfer GuideFebruary 1, 2022guideline
Guidelines for Transfer of Acute Stroke PatientsFebruary 1, 2022guideline
CPG for Antibiotics for Open Fractures, February 1, 2022algorithms quick-reference
STRAC Regional ECMO Consultation GuidelinesJanuary 24, 2022guideline
Request for Provision of Remdesivir for Early Outpatient Treatment to Avoid Hospitalizations and DeathsJanuary 5, 2022guideline
Regional Field Triage AlgorithmAugust 1, 2021algorithms
Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection (NSTI) Referral GuidelinesJune 1, 2021guideline
Whole blood transfusion reduces overall component transfusion in cases of placenta accreta spectrum: a pilot program.April 26, 2021publication
Prehospital whole blood reduces early mortality in patients with hemorrhagic shock.March 3, 2021publication
ME Checklist for Child DeathFebruary 4, 2021form
STRAC Hospital and ICU Pandemic Crisis Guidelines – OCR SealJanuary 25, 2021guideline
Operationalizing the Deployment of Low-Titer O-Positive Whole Blood Within a Regional Trauma SystemJanuary 25, 2021publication
Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients >18yearsAugust 6, 2020quick-reference
STRAC Hospital and ICU Pandemic Crisis Guidelines Executive SummaryJuly 9, 2020quick-reference
Resident Eagle: Whole Blood in the Rural EMS Environment.July 1, 2020publication
STRAC Regional Prehospital No Transport (Pandemic) GuidelinesJune 4, 2020quick-reference
COVID-19 Code Pocket CardMay 14, 2020quick-reference
COVID-19 Adult Proning ToolApril 1, 2020quick-reference
Texas State Public Health Disaster DeclarationMarch 19, 2020local-state-resources
Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 81.046March 19, 2020local-state-resources
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District COVID-19 SummaryMarch 19, 2020local-state-resources
Whole blood for postpartum hemorrhage: early experience at two institutions.February 8, 2020publication
From battlefront to homefront: creation of a civilian walking blood bank.January 17, 2020publication
Epidemiological and Accounting Analysis of Ground Ambulance Whole Blood Transfusion.December 18, 2019publication
EMS Time Out FormDecember 11, 2019form
Regional Hand Injury/Amputation AlgorithmDecember 10, 2019algorithms
Red/Blue Criteria – Pedi/Adult/GeriDecember 1, 2019quick-reference
Case Report: Prehospital Whole Blood Transfusion by Texas Helicopter Air Ambulance CrewNovember 21, 2019publication
Prehospital Transfusion of Low-Titer O + Whole Blood for Severe Maternal Hemorrhage: A Case ReportOctober 14, 2019publication
Regional SJS/TENS Transfer ProtocolOctober 8, 2019algorithms
The use of prehospital blood products in the resuscitation of trauma patients: a review of prehospital transfusion practices and a description of our regional whole blood program in San Antonio, TXAugust 1, 2019publication
Give the trauma patient what they bleed, when and where they need it: establishing a comprehensive regional system of resuscitation based on patient need utilizingApril 13, 2019publication
STRAC Regional Whole Blood Program Rotation ProcessApril 1, 2019algorithms
Whole Blood in Trauma: A Review for Emergency CliniciansJanuary 21, 2019publication
Dr. Jenkins LTOWB PresentationSeptember 6, 2018presentation
Vox Sanguinis International Forum on the use of prehospital blood products and pharmaceuticals in the treatment of patients with traumatic hemorrhageAugust 24, 2018publication
Prehospital Low Titer Cold Stored Whole Blood: Philosophy for Ubiquitous Utilization of O Positive Product for Emergency Use in Hemorrhage due to Injury.June 1, 2018publication
Personal DosimeterMay 3, 2018decon
Hospital Plain Language AlertsMarch 1, 2018white-paper
Emergency Release Low Titer Group O Whole Blood is Now Permitted by the AABB StandardsJanuary 7, 2018quick-reference
LMHA Services within STRAC RegionDecember 11, 2017map
Meeting 60min Door to Balloon TimesSeptember 18, 2017study
Drip-n-ShipSeptember 18, 2017study
ED Wait Time Impacts Door to Reperfusion TimeSeptember 18, 2017study
A Regional Approach to Improved Stroke TreatmentSeptember 18, 2017study
Closing the GapSeptember 18, 2017study
The Creation of a Lytic MapSeptember 18, 2017study
The Perceived Accuracy of Transfer of Care from EMS to Level I Trauma CentersSeptember 18, 2017study
EMTF 8 MMU Packing ListAugust 30, 2017quick-reference
Alameda County PES ResearchApril 26, 2017study
Active Shooter: How to Respond BookletJanuary 1, 2017guideline
Bexar County Mental Health ReportSeptember 1, 2016study
Burn Practice Guidelines | TETAFSeptember 1, 2016guideline
Time is the enemy: Mortality in trauma patients with hemorrhage from torso injury occurs long before the “golden hour”.August 24, 2016publication
FEC Typing MatrixJanuary 1, 2016guideline
EMS Time Out Training VideoDecember 11, 2015video
Trinity Study: Healthcare for HomelessDecember 2, 2015study
Texas EMTF Map with Region PatchesSeptember 10, 2015map
ED Diversion Memorandum of UnderstandingAugust 1, 2015mou
HELP (Hospital Exec Leadership Protocol)February 1, 2015quick-reference
EMTF 8 Activation LevelsDecember 15, 2014quick-reference
Decon Tent Set Up (Zumro)September 29, 2014decon
Dehydration Urine Color Chart InfographicAugust 22, 2014heat-safety
Animal Bite FormJuly 1, 2013form
Analysis of Remote Trauma Transfers in South Central Texas with Comparison with Current US Combat OperationsApril 1, 2013publication
Patient Triage GuideAugust 29, 2011quick-reference
Heart Alert CriteriaFebruary 11, 2010quick-reference
Radio User Guide – SatelliteMay 3, 2006radio-communication
Radio User Guide – Kenwood TMD-700December 15, 2005radio-communication
Vortran Auto Resuscitator GuideApril 14, 2005decon
EMS Patient ParkingMarch 20, 2002quick-reference
Ground to Air Ambulance Helipad TransfersJuly 25, 2001guideline