Injury Prevention

The STRAC Regional Injury Prevention Committee convenes to foster an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere among diverse disciplines. Our primary goal is to create regional guidelines, streamline processes, and offer educational opportunities that promote effective injury prevention initiatives. By enhancing public and healthcare worker knowledge in the communities we serve, we aim to improve awareness and facilitate impactful programs, projects, and campaigns.

If you would like more information about STRAC Injury Prevention, please Contact Us.

Committees and Workgroups

Injury Prevention
Co-Chairs: Brandy Martinez, RN
Christina Miramontes, RN
Meets: First Friday, Bimonthly
9:00AM - 10:00AM

Injury Prevention Resources

TitleCategoriesCreation DateLinkhf:doc_categories
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Parent’s Water Safety Booklet – English/SpanishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety Checklist – SpanishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety Checklist – EnglishAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Pool Safety FactsAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Extreme Heat | CDCAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Heat Safety Training Program | OSHAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
Learning Center | NFSHSAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
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Where’s baby? | NHTSAAugust 8, 2023heat-safety
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Water Safety | CDCAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Healthy Swimming | CDCAugust 8, 2023water-safety
National Safe Boating CampaignAugust 8, 2023water-safety
Kids’ Corner for Water Safety | Pool SafelyAugust 8, 2023water-safety
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The Ultimate Car Seat Guide | Safe Kids WorldwideAugust 8, 2023road-safety
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