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STRAC Special Events

STRAC Quarterly Cardiac Dinner

What happens when you invite roughly 100 hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, and paramedics from competing organizations to the same dinner? It's exciting!

Every quarter leading interventional cardiologists break bread with emergency medicine physicians, chest pain coordinators, emergency department directors, paramedics, EMS medical directors, EMS Chiefs, and healthcare administrators from urban and rural hospital systems and EMS agencies to build one of the strongest cardiac systems of care this side of the Mississippi. During dinner, everyone works together as STRAC members to address any challenges or emerging threats to the health and well being of "our patients". This consensus-driven approach fosters an objective forum to review regional data that depicts performance metrics related to the accuracy and timeliness of cardiac care. The analysis of this data as well as the trends they illustrate help shape what improvements are made to improve patient outcomes. Contact us and let us know who from your organization should receive an invitation for the next dinner.

STRAC Annual DECON Rodeo

Hospital Decontamination Teams from across the region compete for the title of DECON Rodeo Champion every year but that is not all. Throughout the year hospitals across this vast 26,000 square mile region in Southwest Texas refresh personal protective equipment inventories, maintain various respirator supplies, and test decontamination equipment while improving muscle memory and increasing hospital response capabilities to better support the communities in which they serve.

"Sure it's a fun day where friends can show off their skills and compete for a trophy but its more than that. All of these hospitals are actively participating in a regional initiative to increase decon response capabilities and improve hospital preparedness."

-Mark Montgomery
Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council
Division Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response

Fall Awareness Lengthens Lives

Hospital and EMS members of STRAC are active participants in the Texas Falls Prevention Coalition and host F.A.L.L. courses in the community all year long. Objectives of the Fall Awareness Lengthens Lives (FALL) course developed by STRAC's Regional Injury Prevention Committee include:

- Identification of slip, trip, and fall hazards
- Discuss ways to avoid injuries and the importance of movement
- Review medications that may increase risk of falls
- Discuss why eye exams are important

To learn more about the regional injury prevention campaigns, please feel free to visit our injury prevention page. It is routinely updated with current links, resources and videos intended for sharing.

Infectious Disease Response Unit Advisory Committee

The Infectious Disease Response Unit Advisory Committee consists of some of the greatest minds in public health and infectious disease doctors. This advisory committee was formed to help guide preparedness and response activities in the great state of Texas in preparation of and response to incidents with the potential to spread high consequence infectious disease(s). Participants include executive leadership and practitioners from public health agencies, regional advisory councils, infectious disease centers and research facilities representing acute care systems from across the nation.

In only its first year, this committee has already paved the way for a quicker and more efficient response to public health disasters.