Job Title: Multidisciplinary Teams Coordinator

Department: Southwest Texas Crisis Collaborative (STCC)

Reports To: Assistant Division Director, STCC

FLSA Status: Exempt/Full time

Salary: $70,000 – $100,000

Prepared By: Chief of Staff

Last Modified: 2022-06-06



The South Texas Crisis Collaborative came together in 2016 to address critical and difficult problems in the crisis mental health community across Bexar County. Attempts at ineffective solutions were being made to address issues in multiple silos across the community and STRAC was asked to lead a collaborative effort to bring all the players around a single table. The Collaborative brought a broad group of individuals who either worked in the crisis mental health world or were impacted by the lack of a resilient crisis mental health care system to develop a framework for change that would build real solutions to our county and region’s problems.


Job Summary

The Multidisciplinary Teams Coordinator (MTC) aims to facilitate all the Multidisciplinary Teams so that they are in service and ready to work to accomplish their daily goals. The goal of the Multidisciplinary Team is to respond to mental health-related calls with safety as the priority. The MTC will facilitate any logistical needs that arise with the teams. They will motivate the team to collaborate towards the mission, goals, and metrics while helping problem-solve obstacles that preclude the team from accomplishing such goals.

Duty station: STRAC Main Office. This position is primarily field-based, and the employee will be provided a response vehicle to utilize during their predetermined shifts.

MTC will provide program oversight and daily team assignments at all team huddles and/or roll calls:

  • Program for Intensive Care Coordination (PICC)
  • Specialized Multidisciplinary Alternate Response Team (SMART)
  • San Antonio – Community Outreach & Resiliency Effort (SA-CORE)
  • Multi-Agency Partnership for Stabilization (MAPS)

MTC will provide operational oversight during calls and/or follow-ups as needed in order to assist with the development of team member subject matter expertise. (NOTE: STRAC will NOT provide clinical direction in place of the Clinicians) MTC must be available to assist the teams with troubleshooting, including but not limited to:

  • Staffing/scheduling to ensure all team spots are full
  • Ensure all teams submit accurate and timely daily reports on activity to include clinical documentation, call logs, patient assessments, etc.
  • IT devices/equipment
  • Hospital Interactions

MTC will support other Southwest Texas Crisis Collaborative (STCC) programs as necessary and appropriate


Job Qualifications

  • Education:
    • Graduate of an accredited school with a baccalaureate degree in behavioral health or related field
  • Experience:
    • Three years of experience overseeing field-based, public safety type teams.
  • Preferred:
    • Five years of experience overseeing field-based, public safety type teams with some experience in behavioral health.


Physical Demands

The Employee works in an outdoor environment to include potentially dangerous, 911 initiated scenes. The Employee must possess physical and mental health to meet the demands of the position. The Employee must be able to travel and participate in the Regional Medical Operations Center and may be requested to participate in off-site meetings, activities, training sessions, exercises, or deployments.


Code of Conduct

Employee follows the STRAC Code of Conduct, which are rules to guide us in our work to assure the highest standards of business ethics and compliance as follows:

  1. Legal Compliance: comply with federal/state laws
  2. Business Ethics: accurately & honestly represent the Organization and not defraud anyone of money, property, or service
  3. Confidentiality: protect confidential information
  4. Conflict of Interest: do not use position to profit personally
  5. Business Relationships: business transactions are free from offers or solicitation of gifts/favors
  6. Protection of Assets: preserve assets by using resources prudently and effectively
  7. Patient Rights: respect and support patient rights to privacy & treatment


Service Excellence Criteria

  • Present a positive image of the organization by a neat and professional appearance.
  • Make STRAC members, regional partners and the general public feel respected and welcome.
  • Maintain patient, hospital, and emergency medical services agency confidentiality.
  • Contribute to and participate in team and individual efforts to improve the quality of services.
  • Show initiative and judgment in controlling the utilization of resources and fiscal responsibility.
  • Attend all necessary or mandatory in-services, training and meetings.
  • Comply with policies on safety, hazardous materials, universal precautions and infection control.
  • Must maintain regular, consistent attendance.
  • Adhere to acceptable standards of business ethics and integrity, and comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations in all aspects of business at all times.
  • Must demonstrate flexibility to assist with response and resource needs of STRAC members and regional partners in response to a significant local, regional or State incident.



Job Category: STCC
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: San Antonio

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