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About WebEOC

WebEOC is a web-based crisis management system developed to improve coordination, communication, and coordination of organizations, agencies, and assets while planning for, responding to, or recovering from man-made and natural disasters. Each installation of WebEOC is uniquely developed to address risks and vulnerabilities specific to that region. STRAC hosts the regional installation of WebEOC for Trauma Service Area - P, Trauma Service Area - S, and the Alamo Area Council of Governments. Within its Critical Information Systems Staff, STRAC employs four of the most advanced WebEOC administrators in the country.

WebEOC is used by healthcare, emergency management, law enforcement, fire, EMS, and public health to plan, practice, and execute routine operations, disaster responses, and special events throughout the region. If you work for a public safety agency or public health organization and would like to know more about WebEOC, or how you may join STRAC's hosted solution, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.